6 Lessons, 1 Backing Track, 1 Ebook and 1 Quiz.

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Guitar Now Online is a complete Guitar Learning Management system with hundred of lessons organized into "Learning Maps". The maps take you step by step from beginner to advanced levels. 


JC has been a full time guitar teacher for over 25 years and has been teaching online through video instruction for over 10 years. 

Drag & Drop Email & Landing Page Designer
Learn how to connect Pentatonic Scales. 

JC will demonstrate common blues licks that use the different patterns.

Industry-Leading Deliverability
Slides, Pull Off's, Hammer On's, Bends. 

Get real experience with the application of these essential guitar techniques.

Prebuilt Template Library
A Curriculum Designed By A Pro. 

JC has spent over 25 years as a full time guitar teacher and dedicated his professional life to guitar curriculum design.

Drag & Drop Email & Landing Page Designer
6 Lessons. 

Detailed guitar lessons with in screen tabs, charts and diagrams all taught by a pro. 

Industry-Leading Deliverability
Ebook And Jam Track

All tabs and other lesson materials are contained in the downloadable ebook. Practice the concepts with the jam track! 

Prebuilt Template Library
End With A Quiz. 

Test your knowledge of concepts with the final quiz. It's one thing to play, it's another to play and understand! 

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“I've taken tons of guitar lessons before and I always felt like we had no direction. Not only do I have a direction now but it's easy to follow it.”

Alexander H., GNO Student