Guitar Now Online EDU

Step by step guitar instruction built for students and educators.

Guided Instruction

Connected Learning Maps for all levels.

Educator Tools

Gradebook, learning reports, teacher training.

Learning Tools

Student Dashboard puts students in control.

The GNO Learning Process

Students begin by completing a Placement Form which delivers them to the appropriate Learning Map for their level. 

Students track their progress in the Student Dashboard while educators track progress in the Teacher Dasboard. 

Scroll to learn more. 

Detailed Lessons With Supportive Resources

GNO Lesson video instruction is filled with diagrams, charts, tablature, dozens of ebooks and downloadable practice jam tracks. 

See how students track progress below. 

Student Dashboard

Students take control of their learning as they track progress across Learning Maps. 

Completed maps and lessons, quiz scores with correct/incorrect answers and certificates of completion are all at your students fingertips. 

How does GNO work for educators? See below. 

GNO Gradebook
Basic View

Educators have instant access to quiz and recording averages as well as quiz name breakdowns.

Want to dive deeper into progress reporting?

GNO Gradebook Detailed View

What lessons, maps and quizzes has your student completed? What questions did they get correct or incorrect? 

All of the answers are available in “Detailed View”.

You don’t play guitar? No problem, that’s next. 

Teacher Learning Maps

Know exactly what your student is learning, what issues to anticipate and how to quickly address them as you travel through “Teacher Learning Maps”. 

TLM’s are identical to your student’s map on the outside but are filled with content summaries and best practice tips on the inside. 

Who wrote the curriculum and teaches the lessons? 

About GNO

Jeremiah, “JC” has been a Connecticut State Music Educator for over 20 years and currently implements the Guitar Now Online Curriculum EDU inside of his flipped classroom environment. 

Jeremiah holds a B.M. and M.M in Guitar Performance from the Hartt School of Music and has played professionally for over 30 years. Guitar Now Online EDU celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary in 2020.